Aston Villa offer to move to wherever new manager already lives

ASTON Villa have confirmed they are not expecting their new manager to move to Birmingham and are happy to go to him.

Giroud voted sexiest disappointment

OLIVIER Giroud has been named the hottest letdown in the Premier League.

'Pardew effect' found to be a placebo

TELLING clubs they are managed by Alan Pardew has the same effect as if he actually manages them, it has emerged.

Diego Costa knows song that will get on your nerves

CHELSEA striker Diego Costa knows a song that will get on your nerves and is happy to demonstrate how it goes.

Six Nations organisers cannot remember sixth nation

RUGBY Union officials are frantically attempting to recall the sixth nation ahead of the RBS Six Nations Championship.

Redknapp’s phone autocorrected ‘impending relegation’ to ‘knee operation’

A SPELL-CHECK error has seen Harry Redknapp mistakenly cite a knee operation as his reason for leaving relegation dead-certs QPR.

Super Bowl is incredibly depressing vision of Britain’s future

THE Super Bowl is a terrible vision of what it will be like here in ten years’ time, it has been claimed.

Further arrests in anti-Big Club conspiracy

DOZENS of referees, players and public officials have been rounded up as part of the investigation into a conspiracy against big Premier League clubs.