Footballers get ‘thinking’ coach

THE Football Association has appointed a coach to train players in basic brain use, including moral decisions.

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Psychology professor Julian Cook believes thinking could prevent players doing unbelievably stupid things, particularly with relation to racism or getting their friends to film them having sex.

Professor Cook said: “Many footballers lack brain skills, which is why they often own 20 identical Bentleys and find golf fascinating.

“Non-thinking is also clearly the cause of more harmless but nonetheless idiotic behaviour, such as David Beckham deciding to model himself on a Wild West gold prospector.”

Professor Cook’s techniques include teaching players to count to 10 before punching someone for looking at them in a nightclub, and prostitute aversion therapy.

He said: “I present the players with a grotesque dummy of a middle-aged prostitute which is wired to the mains to give a painful electric shock to the genitals.

“Yesterday Wayne Rooney made 146 painful attempts to mount the dummy before shouting ‘Fuck!’ and running off to headbutt a cupboard.”

Professor Cook reported success with his anti-racism workshops, with 23% of players now realising that calling someone a black bastard could be construed as racist.

He said: “Hopefully I have equipped them to deal with challenging intellectual quandaries, such as whether or not to gob on a referee.”