Friend who does Crossfit banging on about it again


A WOMAN who has taken up Crossfit is talking about Crossfit again, sources have revealed.

Despite unfollowing Mary Fisher on social media due to her incessant inspirational memes about Crossfit, friends are still forced to endure constant discussion of the brutal fitness regime whenever she is around.

Friend Emma Bradford said: “She works it into every single conversation, it’s incredible.

“The other day I said my office was too hot and she started bollocking on about how she’s never sweated so much as during Crossfit.

“Last night a group of us were talking about another mate who we’re worried might be an alcoholic and she somehow turned it into an analysis of the addictive nature of Crossfit.”

Burton added: “The only time she shut up was when we were talking about cults, weirdly.”

Meanwhile, Smith is now so off her face on endorphins and Instagram likes that she is fully immune to self-awareness.

She is also rapidly heading towards socialising exclusively within the Crossfit community, which will reduce all interpersonal communication to high-fives, fist bumps and hollering.

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