Liverpool match to be played on Xbox

LIVERPOOL’S weekend match against Man Utd will be contested on FIFA 12 in a bid to avoid crowd trouble, it has been confirmed.

The living room is fully equipped with crisps and dips

The game has been moved to Brendan Rodgers’ house, with the corresponding fixture to be held in Alex Ferguson’s living room in January next year.

Rodgers has insisted on playing Sunday’s match on the ‘difficult’ setting, despite Ferguson lodging a protest that he has a PS3 and isn’t used to the Xbox controller.

The players will be sat on either end of the sofa to provide encouragement to the managers during the game, although Evra is an injury doubt after falling off the arm of a training couch yesterday and bruising his coccyx.

The game will be covered on Sky, with Gary Neville playing the match on his PSP in the studio to show where the two teams went wrong and Martin Tyler commentating on his own commentating in the game.

FA spokesman Roy Hobbs said: “If this is successful, we could save a lot of time and money by hosting the entire fixture list in people’s houses, although Andre Villas-Boas’ mum has already indicated she won’t have Sam Allardyce effing and jeffing under her roof.

“We can beam the game to the screens in the stadiums of both fans so it will actually double ticket revenue for the clubs and stop the turf getting scuffed up all the time.

“Within twenty years football clubs will be nothing more than large auditoriums where people pay a fortune to watch their particular teenager bash the ‘x’ button repeatedly. Welcome to the future.”