Agony Aunt

I've been thinking I should adopt Kim Jong-un

I just worry he might be a bit grabby with the twins' Lego.

What do we need men for?

When dinosaurs were alive it was men who were in charge of everything.

How can I satisfy my desire for dirty techno whilst running the UK economy?

The people at work are just jealous they didn't get to go to a party.

When I am king, things are going to be a bit different around here

If celebrities want a real bush tucker trial they should come to my school at dinner time.

When I look in the mirror I see my brother Ed

You don't want a video of you snogging your own arm to go viral.

I just want to wear a leotard and a sparkly cape

Apparently the WWF is wildlife not wrestling.

I used a bad word about someone's mum on Twitter

All the boys at school claimed to have seen each others' mums breaking the scales at Weight Watchers.