Your problems solved, with Holly Harper

Dear Holly,


My boss wants me to focus on my professional development and maybe lead the next conference call with Hong Kong, but I am scared I’ll mess it up. How can I fake my own death and still be considered for promotion?



Dear Barry,

Sometimes you’re better off just blending into the crowd. Otherwise you risk making a complete tit out of yourself, just like Olivia Harrison, a massive show off in my class. Just because she’s a majorette, she thought she was the bees knees, and everyone was jealous when she got to perform a solo at the end of year show. Fair enough, it was pretty impressive when she twirled her baton at high speed, but at the climax of her performance she did several jumping high kicks, revealing to the entire school a massive skid mark in the middle of her white frilly pants. It was most unfortunate, although the video was a hit on Youtube and made me enough money to buy a big box of Maltesers.


Hope that helps!