Mirror, mirror, on the wall, am I a twat? by Johnny Depp

DEAR mirror, I have gazed into you for 11 hours a day over several decades and now I need to ask you something.

Are you confident or just a cock?

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Ask a Brexit doctor: Liam Fox answers your health questions

BELIEVE it or not, I am a real doctor and when I’m not negotiating superb trade deals I like to keep my hand in. Here I reply to your health queries.

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I know buying clothes online is insane but I'm going to keep doing it anyway

I started buying clothes from the internet some time around 2005.

7 deeply irrational ways to celebrate the royal birth

A POSH woman you don’t know has had a baby. Amazing. But are you unsure how to celebrate because it would be insane? Here are some suggestions:

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A guide to picking up free shit that people leave outside their houses

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Morrissey: I have become your dad

The signs were always there, let’s face it.

A four-point guide to small talk

The Mash guide to small talk will make it seem like you have rudimentary social skills.

Are you British or have you and your family just lived and worked here since 1948?

IN the busy, modern world it can be hard to tell if you and your family have just lived, worked and paid tax here since the end of World War Two. Take our quick test to find out if we should illegally deport you or not...

Shit be goin' down in Nantwich too

NANTWICH may look like a sleepy Cheshire market town, but there is mad gangsta shit going down all the time.