What is a 'speed limit'? 

THOUGH most of Britain’s motorists don’t realise it, the country’s roads are theoretically governed by unenforcable ‘speed limits’.

Is being a cougar still a thing? Because if so, I'm pretty sure I am one

YOU may have heard about cougars, it was quite a big thing a few years ago.

Do you deserve benefits?

YOU'VE paid into the system your whole life, and now you're expecting to claim benefits. But do you deserve to, or are you workshy freeloader scum?

The Daily Mash email about our plans to continue violating your privacy

SOME time ago you allowed us access to every aspect of your life. Don’t deny it.

Were you the kid that was always rude to their mum?

ONE kid at school was always totally out of order to their mum. Was it you? Take our test to find out.

Why I'm treating Brexit as if it were an allotment border dispute, by Jeremy Corbyn

WHILE other people at least try to sort this out, I’m going to hide in my shed and busy myself with my seed library.

Useful things Meghan Markle could have bought instead of her wedding dress

AS the world waits to see Meghan's wedding dress we look at other things that cost £300,000, such as a four bedroom house in Scotland.