Avocado or Kale? Take our test to find out why people think you're an arse

DO you live for Avocado or do you live for Kale? Take our quick test to find out why people generally think you're an arse who would go along with any fad they were told to.

Which of his iconic lines will De Niro be pissing all over in his new Warburtons advert?

ROBERT De Niro, who for many years was considered one of the greatest actors of all time now looks set to appear in a commercial for bread makers Warburtons.

Are you eating enough hummus?

IN the busy, modern world it can be hard to tell if you're getting your full, daily amount of creamed chick peas and tahini. Take our quick test to find out.

Can you keep a secret or are you a little gobshite?

BEING able to keep a secret is an admirable quality, which is why most people can't. Take our test to see if you're a little gobshite.

The Brexiter's guide to what's British

Here’s the ultimate Brexiter's guide to what is British and what will leave our shores forever when the Sacred Emerald is placed in the Queen’s crown to trigger Article 50.

What does your choice of disgusting herbal tea say about you?

Do you drink green tea because it’s good for you, even though it tastes like the boiled piss of the devil?

A Brexit deal is tantalisingly close as long as the EU completely reverses its position overnight, by Theresa May

WE have entered the endgame for Brexit. These are the final days. And I am optimistic that a deal is possible within the next 48 hours as long as the EU completely reverses its position.

Do you have a lot of guilty pleasures, or is your taste in everything shit?

EVERYONE has guilty pleasures – Blue Ribands, Hollyoaks, the novels of Martina Cole – but do you have so many that it’s actually genuinely your taste, which is shit?

Five particularly bad moments to say 'I love you'

TELLING someone you love them is exciting, but ultimately all it does is lock you in a years long battle about whose turn it is to descale the kettle.

Is it okay to hate Vegans because of what they eat? Yes - or of course not you utter moron?

IS IT okay to hate someone because they don't eat the same food as you do? Or should you just mind your own fucking business?

Five ways to get some sleep while looking after toddlers

Falling asleep while looking after small children is challenging, but not impossible, here's how:

Do you put the milk in a cup of tea first or are you a normal human being?

Take our test to find out if you're doing things the right way or you're doing it like some sort of alien...