The Guardian reader's guide to making sure your child doesn't fit in at school

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Which patronising local greeting are you using?

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Cheap and cheerful alternative venues for Princess Eugenie's wedding

The UK taxpayer will foot a £2million bill for Princess Eugenie’s wedding at Windsor Castle, which seems a bit steep given that she’s only ninth in line to the throne. Where are some cheaper places she could get married instead?

Five tips for covering your arse at work

Something’s bound to go tits up and when it does, someone’s got to take the fall. Here are five tips for making sure everyone knows it had nothing to do with you.

Are you a stereotype?

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Jamie Oliver's culturally insulting cuisine of the world

AWRIGHT, me old muckers? I’m Jamie and I’m here to tell you about the latest totally authentic products in my ‘Jamie’s Microwave Meals of the World’ range.

A six-step guide to kissing your boss's arse

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Is he the one or just a robot sent back from the future to make sure you give birth to the leader of the resistance?

IN the busy modern world it can be hard to know exactly what kind of relationships you're in.

Richard Branson's guide to running things you know f**k all about

HI! I’m Richard Branson and you’re probably wondering how I run all these trains and healthcare services when I just used to sell cheap records. Here’s how I do it:

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How to easily survive if you're a character in a horror film

HAVE you got a demon in your basement or are you planning to go hiking in hillbilly country? Don’t worry - just follow our guide to surviving horror movies.

Five ways you can be an twat when someone else is talking

WHETHER someone is hosting a meeting or telling a story, they are taking precious attention away from you. Here are five handy ways you can get the focus back on yourself by being an absolute shit.