BBC Launches New Series Of ‘Locked In A Portacabin With 14 Annoying Bastards’

THE BBC has launched its latest salvo in the ratings war with a reality TV show based on the incitement of unbridled hatred.

The corporation's head of programming Jeremiah Johnson said: "It's a very simple idea. We get 14 people who all hate each other, lock them in a Portacabin for six months, tell them to fend for themselves and watch what happens."

He added: "The hope is that while they're searching desperately for food and fuel they will start to goad each other. Then we sit back and wait for the shouting, the spitting and the threats of violence.

"If one or two of them turn out to be sexist or racist that would be just marvellous. In fact, if one of them uses the 'N-word' I've promised to buy my wife a full set of Le Creuset."

Asked how the producers would liven things up if the anger and resentment failed to materialise, Mr Johnson replied: "Home-made vodka".