Heather Mills Mccartney Calls Press Conference To Announce She Is Not A Publicity Seeker

HEATHER Mills McCartney, estranged wife of little known songwriter Sir Paul McCartney, yesterday summoned the world’s media to a major press conference where she demanded they ignore her completely.

Mills McCartney berated the press and broadcasters for turning up at her invitation only media event saying: “I am not a publicity seeker. Why are you all here, apart from the fact I invited you?”

Heather Mills McCartney being interviewed completely by accident

Standing before her specially selected audience of 400 journalists and photographers representing all the world’s major newspapers Mills McCartney said she was an intensely private person who had married a rich old man by accident, only to discover he was one of the most famous people on the planet.

“I had never heard of the Beatles, or Paul McCartney, or his estimated £800 million fortune before I met him. I have never sought to gain publicity for myself through my connection to him.

“It was real love, and you can’t tell me you’ve got to hide your love away. Now you guys follow me here, there and everywhere. It’s all ‘she said, she said’. Why can’t you just let it be?”

In a separate television interview broadcast on Sky News Mills McCartney said the media intrusion into her life was constant, unwelcome and unnecessary.

Earlier, appearing on the sofa on the ITV breakfast programme GMTV, Mills McCartney said she now found it impossible to appear on television without people asking her questions about herself and her private life.

Speaking to the BBC at lunchtime Mills McCartney said: “Can you hurry up and leave me alone, I have NBC, ABC and Fox all waiting to interview me on how I don’t want to be interviewed.”

A spokesman for Mills McCartney said the former model and her advisers had decided that the media blitz was the only way she could get across her message that she did not want to be in the media.

“She has tried just saying nothing hoping you guys would print stories and run bulletins saying she was not seeking publicity but all you did was ignore her. There is no point in her not seeking publicity if no one knows about it.”