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Meghan to write self-help book about nightmare in-laws

THE Duchess of Sussex’s first financial venture will be a self-help book focused on co-existing with nightmare in-laws.

Book with biggest impact on man's life is microwave user manual

A MAN has confirmed that the book which changed his life forever is the user manual for his microwave oven.

'Christmas telly' is not a thing, young people confirm

YOUNG people have confirmed that Christmas telly is not a thing and they do not understand why their parents think it is.

Watching 'Elf' make everything better

ELF film and booze make everything  nice, thinks tired Britain.

Robbie Williams decides it's the time of year for your nan to give him £15

ROBBIE Williams wants your nan to give him £15 for an album he took no pleasure in making and she will get no pleasure from listening to.

Taylor Swift to headline Glastonbury with Jacob Rees-Mogg

THE Glastonbury Festival has confirmed its 2020 headliners are Taylor Swift and Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Corbyn gets coveted Pete Doherty endorsement

LABOUR are thought to be on the verge of victory after winning the much-coveted endorsement of Libertines frontman Pete Doherty.

Five questions that need answering about James Bond

WITH the 25th James Bond film on the way, certain awkward questions about the long-running franchise really need answering. Here they are.

Six pop culture references that mean you're really old

WHEN you make an amusing pop culture reference does everyone just looks at you blankly? You could be very old.

How to f**k up a TV adaptation of a book

DO you want to run a beloved book into the ground by adapting it ineptly for television?

DJ livid at suggestion he might play song you know

A DJ is furious at the suggestion that he might play a song people know.

The parents' guide to surviving Frozen 2

IF you’re a parent, Frozen 2 will break you financially, mentally and spiritually. Here are some things you should prepare yourself for.