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BBC Unveils Plans For 'Earthquake: The Mini Series'

THE BBC has unveiled plans for a three-part mini series based on this morning's earthquake in Lincolnshire.

BBC To Replace Grange Hill With Confusing Japanese Cartoon

IT was essential viewing for 16 generations of British children and launched the careers of Letitia Dean, Todd Carty and the girl who played Trisha Yates.

Winehouse 'Most Likely To Choke On Own Vomit'

AMY Winehouse is leading the field as the star Most Likely to Choke on Their Own Vomit in this year's NME awards shortlist.

Clooney Bags Oscar Nod For 'Timothy Claypole'

GEORGE Clooney has landed a fourth Oscar nomination for his acclaimed performance as a tormented 12th Century court jester.

My Balls Are So Huge, Claims Paxman

JEREMY Paxman has written to the chief executive of Marks & Spencer to tell him that his balls are huge.

Consumers Vow To Remain Oblivious To Music Copying Laws

CONSUMERS last night promised to continue ignoring the law, despite a government pledge not to throw them in jail for copying their own CDs. 

Lloyd-Webber To Play Pug-Ugly Composer In 'Hollyoaks'

ANDREW Lloyd-Webber is to join the cast of the Channel Four soap opera Hollyoaks as an incredibly ugly composer of terrible songs.

BNP Man Woos Ballerina Away From Chink

BNP activist Richard Barnbrook is to marry beautiful English dancer Simone Clarke  after rescuing her from the clutches of a slanty-eyed Latino half-breed devil, he said last night.