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GMTV Viewers Lose Billions Of Braincells

BREAKFAST television viewers have unwittingly lost billions of brain cells in the last four years by watching early morning shows, a Daily Mash investigation can reveal. 

New Radio Station Will Be Non-Stop Drivel Promises BBC

THE BBC is to launch a new 24-hour radio station given over entirely to phone-ins from punters, promising round the clock burbling inanities and factual inaccuracy.

Klan TV Launched As Racist Television War Hots Up

WITH one-in-three television programmes now classed as overtly racist, a new channel is being launched to cater for a growing market of bigoted lunatics.

Heather Mills Mccartney Calls Press Conference To Announce She Is Not A Publicity Seeker

HEATHER Mills McCartney, estranged wife of little known songwriter Sir Paul McCartney, yesterday summoned the world’s media to a major press conference where she demanded they ignore her completely.

BBC Launches New Series Of 'Locked In A Portacabin With 14 Annoying Bastards'

THE BBC has launched its latest salvo in the ratings war with a reality TV show based on the incitement of unbridled hatred.