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Six shite quizzes to clog up everyone's social media

WANT to clog up everyone’s feeds with self-absorbed time-wasting? Here are six pieces of crap you can share today:

Woman manages three whole pages of her lockdown book

A WOMAN managed to make it through three pages of the book she planned to read during lockdown before calling it a day.

Man going to pretend he watches Normal People and hope no one asks him about it

A MAN plans to behave as if he has seen Normal People then hope the conversation does not go into detail.

'I understand the f**king plot of the f**king film' woman gently reminds husband

A WOMAN has politely reassured her husband that she can follow what is going on in the film by herself, thank you very f**king much.

Woman no longer watching This Morning ironically

A WOMAN has realised that she is no longer watching This Morning for a laugh and is genuinely just watching it. 

Neighbour blaring music in garden actually made this mixtape for you

THE blaring music from next door’s garden is actually a playlist they have especially put together for you, they have nervously admitted.

Woman's copy of Normal People has ten pleasure settings

A WOMAN’S paperback copy of Normal People has three different speeds and ten different pleasure settings, she has confirmed.

Nation f**king sick of quizzes

PEOPLE in Britain are officially sick of doing f**king quizzes, they have confirmed.

We’re not going back to work until we've finished our box-sets, Britain tells government

BRITISH workers have demanded assurances that they get to see how Breaking Bad and Mad Men end before returning to their workplaces.

Are you in lockdown or a Disney princess?

IN these locked-down times it’s hard to remember whether you are a real person or an animated Disney character.

Man trapped in never-ending Normal People nightmare

A MAN is trapped in a never-ending nightmare of his wife binge-watching Irish relationship drama Normal People, he has confirmed.

Britain will always associate this difficult time with that lube advert

THE UK has confirmed that it will always associate this tough and tragic time with that lube advert that is never off the air.