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We’re not going back to work until we've finished our box-sets, Britain tells government

BRITISH workers have demanded assurances that they get to see how Breaking Bad and Mad Men end before returning to their workplaces.

Are you in lockdown or a Disney princess?

IN these locked-down times it’s hard to remember whether you are a real person or an animated Disney character.

Man trapped in never-ending Normal People nightmare

A MAN is trapped in a never-ending nightmare of his wife binge-watching Irish relationship drama Normal People, he has confirmed.

Britain will always associate this difficult time with that lube advert

THE UK has confirmed that it will always associate this tough and tragic time with that lube advert that is never off the air.

Man recreates music festival at home by wetting himself in a sleeping bag

A MAN has recreated the experience of attending a music festival in his own home by wetting himself in a sleeping bag.

Which livestream will you give up on tonight?

THE entertainment industry has pulled out all the stops to keep us going with new livestreams every night. But which will you abandon within minutes?

Man playing Doom Eternal for escape into a brighter, happier world

A MAN struggling to cope with what has happened to the world is finding cheerful escapism in a videogame where he slaughters demons in hell.

Everything on telly now making woman horny

A SINGLE woman in lockdown has admitted that she is now even getting sexually excited at This Morning. 

Disney shelves heartwarming movie about sick pangolin being cared for by his bat friend

DISNEY have announced that they are delaying a film about a loveable ill pangolin who is saved by his trusty friend, a market-dwelling bat.

Staying in not the new going out, nation discovers

DESPITE claims to the contrary, the country has realised that staying in does not compare to a night out.

Five foreign language films you could watch but oh, you've just put on Friends again

THE TIME in self-isolation could be spent watching some of those great foreign language movies you've been meaning to see like, oh, you've put Friends on from the beginning instead.

How to cut a Coronavirus chart banger, by Ed Sheeran

AS the best contemporary songwriter since Bono, I can’t shy away from taking on the big issues. Here’s how I’ll write the Ring a Ring O’ Roses for the coronavirus generation.