Toyota Urged To Leave Sting’s Prius Alone

TOYOTA was last night urged to fix the brakes on more than 250,000 Prius hybrids as quickly as possible, except Sting's.

The brakes on his private jet work just fine

More than 800,000 people have now contacted the Japanese car giant pledging to buy a Prius if they could just see their way clear to overlooking the particular car owned by the former Police frontman and medieval folk bassist.

Bill McKay, secretary of the Campaign to Leave Sting's Brakes Alone, said: "Toyota are obviously very busy at the moment, so all I would say to them is 'what purpose would it serve?'.

"Following the collapse of the anti-Sting talks in Copenhagen, technology and its failings have given us a second chance to do something wonderful for the next generation."

He added: "I would not want to be the Toyota executive whose child looks up at him one day and asks, 'what did you do to end Sting daddy?'"

Meanwhile the Prius brake problems have provoked a fierce international debate over which celebrity owners should join Sting in the clumsy hands of fate.

Tom Logan, from Stevenage, said: "After sitting through Gangs of New York and The Departed I would not be heartbroken if they didn't fix Leonardo Di Caprio's."

He added: "I would actually fix Gary Neville's simply because you get the feeling that he's bought one but he doesn't really know why."

Helen Archer, from York, said: "I'm telling you now, if those bastards fix Julia Roberts' Prius I will do my own personal recall and unfix it with a fucking hacksaw."

A Toyota spokesman said the company will make a decision on Sting, and possibly Di Caprio, within the next 24 hours, adding: "Obviously we're not going to fix Gwyneth Paltrow's, but that almost goes without saying."