Brave Kate Nash Battles Tiny Pimple

BRAVE Kate Nash last night admitted she faced the 'fight of her life' after a tiny pimple threatened to devastate a small section of the lower part of her face.

Nash has refused to cover her repulsive chin

Wearing a chic headscarf, the 21 year-old singer defied the potentially fatal growth as she danced the night away at the launch of Mark Ronson's new cuff links.

She vowed to defeat the pimple and revealed she had brought forward her marriage to boyfriend Ryan Jarman of The Cribs.

However, the pair have postponed their honeymoon in Seychelles until Nash has completed her first round of Clearasil treatment.

Nash said last night: "At first all I could think was 'God, why me?' Why not Lilly Allen or KT Tunstall or, best of all, one of the scrubbers from Girls Aloud?'.

"I've beaten spots before and I can do it again. I had a horrible one on the side of my nose last month, but I never gave up and a few days later it went away."

Nikki Hollis, beauty editor at the Daily Mail, said: "I think it's great that she's getting out there, living life to the full and being a strong, beautiful woman.

"Unless you looked her directly in the chin, you'd never know she was going to die."