Jackson’s doctor accused of making him weird

MICHAEL Jackson’s doctor has gone on trial accused of making him weirder than a bald cat.

Jackson always sought a second opinion from one of his cartoon giraffes

The jury in Los Angeles was told that Conrad Murray’s daily injections turned the King of Pop from an everyday chimpanzee owner into a man who was convinced his chimpanzees were having an affair with Uri Geller.

Prosecutor David Walgren said: “The truth is Mr Jackson was a perfectly normal American who didn’t know what colour he was and liked to invite children to his fairytale amusement park and then get them pleasantly drunk.

“It’s the same workaday story being played out in millions of homes across our nation.

“But all that changed when Mr Jackson hired Dr Murray to perform the routine task of injecting him with a daily cocktail of drugs to stop his nose from falling off.”

The trial is expected to hear from a series of witnesses who will all claim that Dr Murray made them very unusual.

Todd Logan, an LA-based chihuahua astrologer, has claimed he used to provide mainstream, personalised horoscopes to a wide range of tiny dogs until Dr Murray started prescribing him with large doses of over-the-counter weirdness.

And Becky Harper, an unemployed singer, will tell the court that after just two consultations with Dr Murray she started wearing a third pair of celebrity underpants on her face.

But Murray has denied the charge insisting Jackson was incredibly strange by the time he arrived.

Defence attorney, Ed Chernoff, said: “During their first meeting Mr Jackson asked if he could buy Dr Murray’s thumbs and then showed him more than 600 photographs of his buttocks.

“My client’s first thought was, ‘we’re going to need a bigger syringe’.”