The Earth: is it flat or round? An unbiased BBC report

THE BBC is always at pains to present both sides of an argument. Here news editor Nathan Muir discusses the ongoing ‘round or flat Earth’ debate. 

The poncey Londoner's guide to the hot weather

BEING too hot in London is trendier and more cultural than in the regions. Here new media developer Nathan Muir explains what you should do.

How to reduce your plastic use while being a smug b*stard about it

DO you want to use less plastic while making sure everyone knows what a thoughtful, eco-conscious and incredibly smug person you are? Here’s how.

Ocado drivers more effective at blocking roads than Extinction Rebellion

CLIMATE activists trying to paralyse cities by blocking roads and causing traffic jams could learn a lot from Ocado delivery drivers, it has emerged.

UK bins to stink 'worse than bins in Ibiza' this weekend

THE heatwave set to hit the UK this weekend will see the country’s bins reeking even worse than bins in Ibiza, weathermen have announced.

Tory MP apologises for letting Greenpeace protester live

THE Conservative MP accused of assaulting a Greenpeace protester has apologised to fellow dinner guests for not using lethal force.

Being environmentally conscious great way of annoying parents, say 10 year-olds

PRIMARY school children with half a term’s learning about climate change have discovered it is a brilliant way of annoying the sh*t out of everybody.

Middle lane voted 'best lane'

THE middle lane has been voted British Motorway Lane of the Year.

Only consolation of miserable weather is knowing it will f*ck up festivals

BRITONS are cheering themselves up during the rainy weather by remembering it will make the lives of festivalgoers a misery.

The melodramatic tw*t's guide to rain

IS THE bad weather only happening to you? Does everyone else need to hear your wild overreactions to heavy rain? Try these:

Weather forecasters warn of high risk of dickheads this weekend

EXPERTS are urging the public to take care during this weekend’s hot weather due to a sharp rise in dickheads.

Of course the central heating's still on, it's almost June, says Britain

BRITAIN has chided itself for unrealistically hoping that the central heating might be off as early as the end of May.