Middle-class man levels up with own sourdough starter

A MIDDLE-CLASS man has levelled up with the acquisition of his very own sourdough starter. 

After years of steady progress up the social hierarchy, 35-year-old Tom Booker made a huge leap this week thanks to the yeasty status symbol.

He said: “Chutney? Homebrew? Kid’s stuff. This is a whole new realm.

“This little jar of bubbling, living magic was actually gifted to me by a fellow sourdough enthusiast at the community-owned pub. I feel like I’ve been accepted into a sacred world.

Booker has already spent countless hours with the jar of goop, feeding and tending to it like a child and murmuring sorcerous incantations over his square beard.

The news caused a predictable stir among Booker’s competitive middle-class dad friends, who immediately launched a fierce bout of one-upmanship about vinyl collections and miles covered on their Brompton bikes this week.