Ama Gonna Git Me A Niggra, Says Palin

REPUBLICAN vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin last night wowed the party convention as she pledged to 'git me one uppity niggra'.

'Lyle, git ma 12-gauge!'

She told cheering crowds that Democrat rival Barak Obama was a 'struttin' round here likes he done own the place' before making a series of veiled threats and menacing gestures.

Palin said: "Look at this boy, prancin' round like he's the cock o' the walk. Shootin' his mouth off like a God-damn rooster. When'd these sum-bitches learn book readin' any how?

"Well, he can crow all he wants but you all knows whats we be doin' with niggras who don't be showin' us no respect…"

"Ah says we gitta bunch a boys together and take this 'Mr' Obama for a little ride. How's about it? Y'all up for a little dance?"

Palin added: "Like my momma used to say, 'ain't nobody gonna be askin' no questions 'bout some fancy-ass coon'."

Delegate Todd Logan, from Kansas, said the speech struck the right balance between traditional values and the need for radical change in Washington, adding: "That Missus Palin, she sure is purty.

"Ah bet she smells real nice too, all soap and fancy French perfoom. Yes mam. Ah'd do anythin' fir you Missus Palin. Ah'll stick that niggra fir ye mam. Ah'll stick him good."