Assange would be getting taste of own medicine if he was a government, say experts

JULIAN Assange is not really getting a taste of his own medicine because he is not a huge, deceitful government, experts have confirmed.

Starts wars and has his own police force

As the Wikileaks founder tried to stop the publication of his own memoirs, he was accused of hypocrisy by people who prefer not to have fully formed thoughts.

Roy Hobbs, a sales executive from Stevenage who thinks famine relief does more harm than good, said: “This is an important victory for all those who are sent to jail unless they give 40% of their income to Julian Assange.

“I’ll wager he will now use his unprecedented military and economic power to have his publisher arrested for rape.”

But medicine tasting experts stressed there were a handful of key differences between a private citizen with a laptop and an organisation with a trillion dollar budget and ‘stuff’ like Navy SEALs and the CIA

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies said: “He’s not exposing things that ‘people’ want to keep secret, he is exposing things that huge, venal, corrupt entities, bristling with state of the art death and who regard you as part cash machine, part cannon fodder, want to keep secret.

“Please, for the love of Buddha, tell me you understand the difference.”

He added: “And by the way, just because he looks slightly creepy does not actually mean he’s the baddie.”