Gaddafi palace disappointingly tasteful

COLONEL Gaddafi’s private chambers have a stylish, minimalist look, rebels fighters have discovered.

It's a cool, but comfortable space for cursing the imperialist dogs

The Libyan despot’s classy interiors are at odds with what is normally expected from a dictator, with understated furnishings and clean, contemporary lines.

It had been believed that all tyrants furnished their homes from the same shop full of Ming-dynasty-on-crack gold things and fantasy art. It is based at a secret location somewhere beneath the Arabian peninsula and is also a favourite of Donald Trump and the Rooneys.

A rebel spokesman said: “Although this is a glorious day, we feel a bit cheated that Gaddafi’s eye for good design is beyond reproach.

“Usually when a despot falls the first thing that happens is the Western media prints lots of pictures of all their gaudy palaces, with suitably withering captions.

“Because it is only through the medium of tasteless interior design choices that middle class Western newspaper readers can begin to grasp that a foreign leader is a bad person.

“Here however we see that, although Gaddafi may be the son of a jackal, he has created a home which is simultaneously grand and intimate, making excellent use of natural light. So reluctantly we must give credit where it’s due.

“When we capture him I fully intend to find out where he got those rugs in the torture wing chill-out zone.”

Interiors expert Emma Bradford said: “If you’re one of the oppressed masses, is it more galling if your oppressor spends stolen money on a giant platinum statue of Conan fighting a crocosaurus, or really nice stuff that you’re actually quite jealous of?

“Then again, who cares? That sofa is lush.”