Israel To Open Humanitarian Corridor And Then Blow It Up

ISRAEL has agreed to open a corridor into Gaza for essential humanitarian supplies and then fire hundreds of missiles at it.

Loving This, Admit Israel And Hamas

ISRAEL and Hamas last night admitted the latest wave of deadly violence was one of the best they had seen in years.

Iraq Had Shoes All Along, Claims Vindicated Bush

PRESIDENT Bush last night claimed his decision to invade Iraq had been vindicated after US troops uncovered an arsenal of shoes on the outskirts of Fallujah.

100 Nations Agree To Kill People Differently

ONE hundred nations last night signed a treaty agreeing to kill people without using cluster bombs.

Israel And Palestine Sign Peace Deal To Prevent Clinton Visit

ISRAEL and Palestine last night signed a hastily arranged peace deal in a desperate bid to prevent a visit from Hillary Clinton.

Not Just Indians Dead

THE number of people killed as a result of Indian terrorism who are not Indians rose dramatically last night.

End Of US Power Will Not Affect Its Television Programmes, Say Experts

THE waning of America's influence on the global stage should not affect its ability to produce high quality drama and clever sitcoms, experts said last night.

Nothing To Fear From German Economic Collapse, Say Experts

THE world has nothing to fear from the collapse of the German economy, experts insisted last night.