Karadzic Hands In Notice At Belgrade Video Shop

FORMER Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been forced to hand in his notice at the Belgrade video shop where has been working for the last 12 years.

Iran Kicks America In The Nuts

IRAN was last night reassessing its decision to walk up to America and kick it squarely in the nuts.

Snail Price Rise Forces French To Eat Own Bogies

A SHARP rise in the price of snails is forcing millions of hard-up Frenchmen to eat their own bogies. 

Mounties Vow To Capture Every Last Bee

THE Canadian Mounted Police has vowed to capture every one of the 12 million bees that escaped from an overturned truck earlier this week.

Leaderless French Army Unable To Retreat

THE French army was in chaos last night after the resignation of its most senior general left it temporarily unable to retreat.

Dubai Plans Skyscraper Made Of Fanta

THE oil-rich state of Dubai has unveiled plans for a daring new skyscraper constructed entirely of Fanta.

Britain Unveils Plan To Criticise Mugabe Out Of Office

BRITAIN is to lead international efforts to drive Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe from office with wave after wave of devastating criticism.

Australia Goes All Nancy

AUSTRALIA suddenly went all nancy last night after a chef said a dirty word on television.