People having a 'really productive' lockdown told to shut the f**k up

PEOPLE who are having a 'really productive' lockdown have been told to shut the f**k up about it.

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ARE you wearing a mask made out of an ironic 80s T-shirt while livestreaming baking organic vegan banana bread? Then you’re a coronavirus hipster.

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Furloughed man with no kids and a garden living like a f**king king

A MAN on 80 per cent pay with no kids and a spacious garden is living like the f**king king of lockdown, he has confirmed.

The ignorant twat's guide to social distancing

CONSIDER the government’s social distancing advice to be for other people? Here’s how to be an ignorant twat about it.

Whole houseshare forced to celebrate unpopular housemate's birthday

AN ENTIRE house has been forced to celebrate an unpopular housemate’s birthday because they are all stuck in with him.

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'I'm still getting dressed every day' says absolute psychopath

A DERANGED psychopath is still wearing a different outfit every day for the benefit of literally nobody.

Doing the conga, and five other things that are down 100 per cent

BEEN at a party and grabbed the hips of the last person in line to join the joyous conga kicking its way past recently? Of course not. And all these things are also gone.