Couple with sign saying 'This kitchen is for dancing' mainly use it for drinking

A KITCHEN with a twee little sign saying it is used for dancing is mainly used for getting hammered on Shiraz.

Woman with 37 tops packed for overnight trip adds a 38th

A WOMAN who has packed 37 different choices of top for an overnight stay in a hotel has added one more, just in case.

Have you had a great conversation or have you just been showing off?

IT’S easy to think you just had an enjoyable conversation when in fact you were just smugly reeling off your achievements. Find out if you’re an unbearable show-off.

Crystals not improving woman's life in any way

A WOMAN has found that carrying some stones in her handbag has somehow not made her richer or happier.

Man too macho to drive wife's car

A MAN has refused to compromise his masculinity by driving his wife’s Fiat 500, he has confirmed.

Grown man still likes big trucks

A FULLY-GROWN man still loves big trucks and is having a difficult time hiding it.

Revealed: The worst places to live in England, excluding London obviously

A SURVEY has revealed the worst places to live in England, with London excluded from the results because otherwise it would be nothing but.

Middle class families unveil dreadful New Year's resolutions

BRITAIN’S middle class families are telling everyone about their smug and aspirational New Year’s resolutions.

Woman who hates kids pretending she won't have any for environmental reasons

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman who loathes children insists she is not going to have any purely to protect the environment.

Middle class family gagging to dig out wooden sleigh

A BOURGEOIS family is desperate for it to start snowing so they can show off their vintage wooden sleigh.

Couple genuinely serious about going to midnight mass

A SEEMINGLY normal couple have confirmed they are actually going to midnight mass.

Four gifts that say 'I don't give a sh*t'

ARE you planning to give presents that clearly required no thought or effort to people you don’t really care about?