Owning a speedboat in Britain 'a bit shit'

OWNING a speedboat in the UK is nothing like being in Miami Vice or indeed any fun whatsoever, a man has revealed.  

Five guilt-free holiday destinations for annoying middle class people to show off about

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Mummy blogger struggling to drink wine and swear at her kids every day

A MUMMY blogger has revealed she is struggling to live up to the unrealistic stereotype of swilling wine and screaming at her kids every day.

Woman briefly wonders if cocaine is vegan

A WOMAN pursuing an ethical lifestyle has briefly wondered if cocaine is vegan.

42-year-old man wrongly thinks he can still have 'massive weekends'

A MAN is desperately clinging to the belief that he enjoys spending the whole weekend binge drinking.

Pub trivia team realise they could have had happy lives

A PUB quiz team has realised they could have had normal, successful lives if they had not immersed themselves in pointless trivia.

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Alkaline water better than alcohol for making people talk bollocks

THE new health trend of drinking alkaline enhanced water has proven as effective as alcohol at making people talk a lot of shit.

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Boy racer on 814th consecutive night of driving around pointlessly

A YOUNG driver has spent every night for well over two years driving around aimlessly in his crappy car.

Man still longing to drive car he drew when he was eight

A MAN has admitted he secretly wishes he could drive the outlandish car he drew when he was eight.

I was a better person before I lost my hair, claims man

A MAN has explained to colleagues that he is only a bitter, vengeful, petty tyrant because he went bald aged 30.