London best friends meet up every two years

TWO best mates living in London have cemented their friendship by meeting up after not seeing each other for two years.

Mum who found teenage son reading White Dwarf magazine wishes he'd been w*nking

A MOTHER who accidentally walked in on her son reading fantasy gaming magazine White Dwarf wishes he had been masturbating instead.

Are you a dog person, a cat person or someone capable of nuance?

ALL people can be divided into which of two domestic pets they prefer, unless you are someone who is in any way open to subtlety. Which are you?

Mobility scooter f**king excellent, pensioner reports

A PENSIONER on a mobility scooter has confirmed that riding it around town is just as cool and kick-ass as it appears.

Rightmove better than porn, women confirm

WOMEN have confirmed that they find browsing online property website Rightmove to be more sexually stimulating than any pornography.

What does the bizarre crap in your car boot say about you?

YOUR car boot is the cupboard that isn’t in the house and you don’t have to think about, so it’s where the real freaky sh*t piles up. Here’s what yours says about you.

Weirdo parks car in garage

A SICK freak has provoked widespread disgust after parking his car in his garage.

Man takes up rock climbing to scale new heights of twattishness

A MAN has added a whole new element of twattishness to his personality by taking up indoor rock climbing.

Vinyl fan preparing to be a pretentious pr*ck about CDs instead

A MAN who thinks vinyl records are now too mainstream has decided to become obsessive about compact discs instead.

Are you weird enough to be a 'tradwife'?

BEING a 1950s-style housewife is the latest craze amongst slightly strange women. But do you have what it takes to be a 'tradwife'? Find out with our quiz.

'Where is the rest of this top?' women ask shops

WOMEN are asking shops why they are charging full-price for tops that appear to be only half a top, in winter, when it is freezing.

Every day is like a romcom, say working mums

WORKING mothers have confirmed that every day of their lives is a quirky and heartwarming journey like in a romantic comedy.