Man wearing same clothes since 2003 hailed as pioneer of sustainable fashion

A 35-YEAR-OLD man still wearing the same polo shirts he wore at university has been named as an icon of sustainable fashion.

Wearing sparkly trainers key sign that you're a kn*bhead

RESEARCHERS have found that adults wearing metallic or bejewelled trainers are 12 times more likely to be total cocks.

How to get the Dominic Cummings look

WANT to get ahead in life? Model yourself on chief Downing Street adviser and style icon Dominic Cummings. Here’s how to nail the look.

Couple post in-the-moment selfie that only took 89 attempts to get right

AN ADORABLE couple have posted a gorgeous, in-the-moment selfie that only took 89 attempts to get.

'Posing up a storm' and other expressions for twats

ARE you keen to look like a massive twat for some reason? Simply use these incredibly irksome contemporary phrases in everyday life.

You must never discover my truly disgusting habits, says man who lives alone

A BACHELOR who lives alone in a one-bedroom flat would prefer people did not know the full sordid details of his domestic life.

How to get through the half-term holiday with gin, and other tips

NORMAL time is measured in hours and days. But school holidays are measured in gins and cries in the toilet. Here are some half-term tips to keep the little sh*ts at bay.

Woman taking karaoke seriously ruins evening for 94 people

A WOMAN has ruined a pleasant night out for everyone in a pub by taking the karaoke far too seriously.

Cat treats scratching post like priceless Ming vase

A CAT treats its scratching post with the delicacy of an antiques dealer handling valuable Chinese ceramics.

UK's most confident woman asks which aisle the lube is in

A 28-YEAR-OLD has been crowned the UK's most confident woman after asking a Boots sales assistant which aisle the lubricant is in.

Woman tips hairdresser, leaves salon, goes around corner and bursts into tears

A WOMAN has thanked her hairdresser, paid, tipped, walked away with a cheerful wave and the moment she was out of sight burst into tears.