Woman taking karaoke seriously ruins evening for 94 people

A WOMAN has ruined a pleasant night out for everyone in a pub by taking the karaoke far too seriously.

Cat treats scratching post like priceless Ming vase

A CAT treats its scratching post with the delicacy of an antiques dealer handling valuable Chinese ceramics.

UK's most confident woman asks which aisle the lube is in

A 28-YEAR-OLD has been crowned the UK's most confident woman after asking a Boots sales assistant which aisle the lubricant is in.

Woman tips hairdresser, leaves salon, goes around corner and bursts into tears

A WOMAN has thanked her hairdresser, paid, tipped, walked away with a cheerful wave and the moment she was out of sight burst into tears.

Gay man on hen do would like to go home now

A GAY man attending a friend’s hen party has had more than enough of this now, it has been confirmed. 

Man starts podcast to follow passion of wasting everyone's time

A MAN has started a podcast to focus on his passion for wasting other people's time.

Dad certain kids will treasure all 500,000 photos he took of their childhood

A MAN is sure his kids will enjoy the half-million photos he took of their childhood despite it taking years to view them all.

Mum has crap without being disturbed

A WOMAN is celebrating having a crap without her two young children insisting on keeping her company throughout the entire process.

The six properties you'll be horrified by when looking for a houseshare

LOOKING for a new place? Can’t afford blissful isolation? Then you’ll be recoiling in horror at what other people call home.

Are you enough of a twat to become Instagram famous?

ARE you prepared to spend time and money doing stupid bullsh*t so strangers will click Like and Follow?

Fully-grown adults sign birthday card from dog

A MARRIED couple in their thirties have written their dog’s name in childlike writing in a friend’s birthday card and drawn a paw print next to it.