The scientific reasons why Covid can't be transmitted in schools, by a Tory

AS A senior Conservative, my knowledge of viral transmission is greater than any mere epidemiologist. Here’s why opening schools is perfectly safe.

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Couple who hired expensive vintage campervan pretending to enjoy it

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Covid-19 better party guest than man with ukulele

GUESTS at a garden party have confirmed they would rather have spent the evening in the presence of coronavirus than the man who turned up with a ukulele.

Prince Andrew to lie about going to Pizza Express one last time before it closes

As more than 70 branches of Pizza Express prepare to close, their most famous patron has announced his intention to pretend to go for one last fictional visit.

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Man choosing underwear for girlfriend based on how much he fancies the models

A MAN is selecting a gift of underwear for his girlfriend based entirely on how fit he finds the women modelling it.

'As bollocks as a 2020 A-level', and six other new phrases

THE events of this year mean it will be remembered in our language for centuries to come. Which of our new idioms will the future puzzle over?

Undertaking driver in rush to get to f**knut convention

A DRIVER who undertook multiple cars on the motorway was in a hurry to get to a convention full of other f**knuts, it has emerged.

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