Children cafe

Kids refuse to do a thing unless there's a café after the thing

Two children have made it clear that a country walk is not acceptable if it does not include a café afterwards.

Hating the Germans and other things Brits should just let go of now

BRITAIN has a proud history of dwelling on the past. But as we enter the season of goodwill here are some things we as a nation should probably have let go of a while back.

A day in the wretched life of a Red Wall voter, by a Guardian writer

NOT many people have heard of Clecksleydale in Yorkshire, the obscure Red Wall town where Martin Bishop was brought up and now endures a daily living hell. 

New Apple headphones block out people laughing at you

APPLE’S new AirPods Max headphones are capable of blocking out people laughing at you for paying £549 for them, it has emerged.

Five everyday activities you couldn't have predicted this time last year

YOUR 2019 self didn’t have a clue about the shitstorm that was heading their way. Here are five now commonplace activities they also couldn’t have foreseen.

'Nailing' and other words arseholes use for 'having sex'

IF you love telling everyone about your sexual exploits you’re probably already a bit of a tosser. But if you use any of the following terms you’re definitely a prize arsehole.

'I should be abroad now' and other complaints nobody gives a f**k about

DO you think people care about your self-indulgent problems at the moment? Here are five common complaints you shouldn’t expect anyone to give a f**k about.

How to get hammered and embarrass yourself at the office Zoom party

JUST because the office party is online doesn’t mean you can’t make a total arse of yourself and face online disciplinary proceedings the next day. Follow these tips.

Woman who vowed not to shop with Amazon this Christmas cracks after three minutes

A WOMAN who promised to do her Christmas shopping at independent retailers this year has clicked ‘Buy Now’ on Amazon less than three minutes later.

Can't be arsed to change your email signature, and other reasons to stay in a shit job

HATE your job? But leaving would involve making minimal effort? Here are five reasons it’s easier to stick it out.

Man who wanted Brexit for Christmas would now prefer socks

A LEAVE voter who repeatedly said that all he wanted for Christmas was Brexit has changed his request to M&S luxury Egyptian cotton socks.

Six sentences you never imagined you'd say before you became a parent

EVER found yourself bellowing ‘Who filled this salt-shaker with Lego?’ and realised that being a parent has taken you to sentences you’d never have said otherwise?