What sort of denialism is right for you?

WOULD you like to refuse to accept well-established facts? Find out which form of denialism is best for you.

It's not you, its me, self-partnered woman tells herself

A WOMAN in a self-partnered relationship has told herself that it is not working out.

Bring back Nazi Harry, say Mail readers

DAILY Mail readers have agreed that Prince Harry was much better when he was dressed as a Nazi.

How to pretend you haven't already failed at Dry January

A SWIFT nip of cooking wine to test its quality doesn’t count as drinking, right? Here are some other ways to kid yourself you’re staying sober this month.

It's not a real f**king job anyway, says Harry

PRINCE Harry has explained that it does not matter that he is stepping back as a senior Royal because it is not a real f**king job in any sense.

Revealed: The worst places to live in England, excluding London obviously

A SURVEY has revealed the worst places to live in England, with London excluded from the results because otherwise it would be nothing but.

Woman realises at least work stops her snacking

A WOMAN who hates her job has realised that it does at least stop her eating all the time she is awake.

Seven sci-fi things we should have by now but don't

BY the year 2020 we expected to be driving around Mars in spacesuits while robots do all the work. But we’re not.

Man doing Veganuary sustained entirely by Greggs

A MAN taking part in Veganuary is doing it entirely from Greggs’ vegan range, he has confirmed.

The world's best cultural sites I'll bomb if you mess with me, by Donald Trump

I LOVE culture. The opera, gallery openings, all these wonderful places you get invited to when you’re rich. However, I’m not afraid to bomb culture to smithereens if I’m disrespected.

The bluff Northerner's guide to the Iran crisis

UNSURE what to do as tensions rise over the Iran crisis? Here bluff Yorkshireman Roy Hobbs explains the situation in no-nonsense terms.

Nobody wants to be the first ars*hole to bring up Brexit

NOBODY in the UK wants to be the first kn*bhead to ruin the new year by bringing up f**king Brexit, it has agreed.