Absolute arse telling people 'its' should be spelt 'it's'

A POMPOUS idiot is encouraging other people to adopt his horrendous punctuation, it has emerged.

Phones basically all the same these days, admits Apple

APPLE has launched three new smartphones with the message that they are pretty similar to all the other ones.

What sort of car twat are you?

WITH so many makes and models there are lots of ways to be a car-owning twat. But what sort of vehicular twattery is right for you? Read our guide.

Teenager's accent changes dramatically when parents leave the house

THE neighbours of a well-spoken teenager have noticed his accent dramatically changes when his parents are not around.

Everything you need to be a bellend at university

IT’S traditional to be a bellend during your time at university, so here are the real essentials to take with you.

Hairdresser actually f**king listens and cuts hair the way they were f**king told

A HAIRDRESSER has cut a customer's hair the way they were asked to, it has been confirmed.

Big tubs of chocolates right at front of supermarket just for no reason

TUBS of Heroes and Celebrations have been placed right by the entrance of every supermarket just in case you fancy them for whatever reason, say retailers.

If the economy's so f**king great, why I am skint? says Britain

BRITONS are struggling to understand why good economic news keeps coming out but their personal finances are still up shit creek.