Is your sex problem middle class enough for the Guardian?

ARE you thinking about writing to the Guardian with a sexual problem but are worried it’s not middle-class enough? Read our guide.

Yet another place that's too far away legalises weed

YET another country that is far too distant from Britain to be worth the trip has irritatingly made weed legal. 

Woman with whole life ahead of her going to spend it worrying about what someone just said

A YOUNG woman whose life is bursting with possibility plans to spend the next sixty years obsessing over minor social interactions.

Daniel Craig unmanly for carrying baby, say fans unaware that Bond made quiche

JAMES Bond fans criticising Daniel Craig for carrying a baby are totally unaware that their hero cooked a quiche in A View To A Kill. 

Jayden is a perfectly normal name but 'Paul' is weird, eight-year-olds agree

EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS have informed their parents that every class has at least one Jayden but they have never heard of anyone called Paul.

Scientists discover man using outdoor car cover who isn't an absolute arsehole

SCIENTISTS have found the one man in the world using a protective car cover who isn't a complete and utter twat.

Absolute weirdo wants to spend time with colleagues outside of work

A COMPLETE oddball wants to see his colleagues socially, outside of working hours, even though he’s not being paid to do so, it has emerged.

'Yeah I think so' apparently incorrect response to 'Do you love me?'

A RELAXED attitude to whether you love people is unacceptable, boyfriends have discovered.