Fatboy Slim Looks Nothing Like Johnny Ball

SUPERSTAR DJ Fatboy slim bears no resemblance whatsoever to his father-in-law, it was confirmed last night.

Fatboy Slim

As new research suggests women choose men who look like their fathers, experts admitted that in the case of Zoe Ball this was obviously not true.

Dr Roy Hobbs, head of faces at the Institute for Studies, said: "No, you're right he doesn't. But he does vaguely remind me of Private Pike from Dad's Army.

"Perhaps the Balls had a lovely childhood holiday with Ian Lavender in the early seventies? Or perhaps not."

Johnny Ball

He added: "Hang on, let me just try holding the photo of Fatboy Slim upside down. No, that doesn't work either."

Julian Cook, professor of faces at the University of Reading, said: "They both have chins, is that what you're getting at?

"No, I don't see it. To be honest he looks more like Johnny Ball when he's in drag and doing Countdown."

Dr Hobbs continued: "There is some evidence that women choose men who look like their fathers, though I would stresss that this does not and will never apply to Imogen Lloyd Webber."