Barbaric children’s cage fight also entertaining

A CAGE fight between two eight year-old boys has been condemned as utterly unmissable.

Whose revoltingly brilliant idea was it to put them in a cage?

Video footage of the riveting, morally questionable, riveting spectacle has flooded the internet, with shocked viewers surging with adrenaline while watching two small boys beating each other up in a fucking cage fight, for Christ’s sake.

Roy Hobbs, a children’s rights campaigner and avid cage-fighting enthusiast, said: “Boys at that age are very savage, meaning that any bout between them will be ferociously contested.

“This makes for completely disgusting, top quality entertainment. Game on.”

He added: “In theory, who would support the idea of two young children beating the crap out of each other? Nobody. But fuck it.

“If it’s happening anyway, and someone’s gone to all the trouble of organising it, who wants to watch? Everybody and his wife, that’s who.”

“I’ve got  five quid on the little wiry one. I’ll probably give the winnings to Childline. Maybe.”

Tom Logan , who watched it online said: “I just hope to God someone was there to stop it. Whilst simultaneously thanking God that someone was there to arrange it and film it.  

“At the end of the day, they’re not harming anyone apart from each other.”