Blaspheming Buses Will Burn In Hell, Say Christians

BUSES which carry adverts doubting the existence of God are risking their eternal souls, Christian campaigners said last night.

The Routemasters were all regular churchgoers

The Humanist Association is to spend more than £20,000 on adverts declaring: "There is probably no God, so you should probably stop worrying and probably enjoy life. Then again, maybe not. Who knows?"

But Stephen Green, director of Christian Voice, said: "Any bus which allows itself to be abused in this way will spend eternity in the company of Satan's bus.

"They will burn alongside gay buses, buses that have had abortions and buses that knowingly took people to see Jerry Springer: the Opera."

Some London buses have refused to start, insisting the adverts have forced them to choose between their faith and their job as a bus.

Number 16, Cricklewood to Victoria, said: "If it wasn't for all those Christian adverts I carried as a teenager, I would have wound up in bus prison."

Meanwhile Roman Catholic priests across the capital have offered to exorcise any bus that carries the humanist message.

Father Joseph McKay, from Clapham, said: "A bus that cannot be cleansed of its demons will be condemned to bus hell where every bus is vandalised and every passenger smells of stale urine.

"Okay, it's actually Liverpool."