Café owner going to kill laptop-using bastard

COFFEE shop owner Tom Logan is about to murder the Mac user who has bought one cup of tea in four hours, it has emerged.

Saving lives

Laptop user Stephen Malley, who Logan thinks looks like a prick in his corduroy jacket and Converse high-tops, entered the Coffee Spot in Bristol at 9.13am, nonchalantly flipped open his shiny silver computer and ordered a small pot of English Breakfast Tea like he had not a care in the world.

That was four hours ago, and he has used the toilet three times since then.

Watching Malley from the kitchen, Logan said: “There’s a fine line between ‘customer’ and ‘parasite’. That piece of shit crossed it two hours ago.

“He could at least have bought a fucking cake. Didn’t even have to be a proper cake. Maybe just a bit of shortbread. But nooooooo….

“Look at him, sitting there probably designing a spanking new logo for some coffee corporation that’s going to open up next door and put me on the fucking street.

“I could creep up behind him with this meat cleaver, he wouldn’t even notice because he’s got Bon Iver or some shit blasting on his stupid little earphones.

“Wait… he’s… he’s… he’s… he’s plugging it in.”

Moments before his skull was cleft in twain, Stephen Malley said: “It’s really cool here, if you just buy a drink you can chill online all day.

“I’m actually just uploading a dubstep DJ mix I did and checking out some cool Japanese graffiti blogs.”