Is It Ethical To Burgle A House If It Belongs To Ben Fogle?

BEN Fogle has foiled an attempted burglary at his home, re-igniting the debate over what you can and cannot do to the TV presenter.

It's not alright to put a weasel in his sleeping bag

A gang of four men attempted to force their way into Fogle's house in an attempt to take some of the things he had purchased with the proceeds from TV shows such as Fop Trek, Chimp Inoculation and Chimp Inoculation: Xtra.

The would-be burglars were interrupted by Fogle, who chased them down the drive while pelting them with pate and labradors.

But the incident has revived the ethical and legal debate about how far members of the public should be allowed to go if they encounter Ben Fogle.

Lawyer Stephen Malley said: "There's a misconception that hostile behaviour towards Ben Fogle is okay because he's Ben Fogle.

"Ben Fogle is human too, perhaps not like you or me, but you can't just rob his house, throw owl pellets soaked in cat piss at him or chase him with a claw hammer. It does seem unjust, but there you are."

Plumber Tom Booker said: "I'd always assumed that you could do pretty much whatever you wanted to Ben Fogle. I'd always fancied using a crane to drop a huge sack of rotten crabs on him from abot 200 feet.

"I'd certainly never imagined you could be convicted in a court of law for such behaviour – isn't there something called 'The Fogle Defence'?"

Landlady Mary Fisher said: "Ben Fogle came in here once. The regulars pinned him down and stuck earthworms up his nostrils while he begged and pleaded like a big posh baby.

"The police came in because of the screaming and we were like 'but it's that Ben Fogle off the telly' and the copper just tipped us a wink and said that everything seemed to be in order. I love this country."