Men Starting To Find Each Other’s Breasts Alluring

GROWING numbers of men are finding male chest cleavage sexually appealing, according to new research.

Now dance...

A survey by the Institute for Studies found that men have realised that man breasts, depsite being  flaccid, hairy and attached to other men, are nevertheless still breasts.

Researcher Dr Tom Logan said: "It's a major societal shift. Soon we could see builders leering at passing fat men and shouting comments about their breasts which are more predatory than cruel."

Heterosexual salesman Stephen Malley became a male breast fan after his office air conditioning broke last year, causing an overweight male colleague to adjust his shirt.

He said: "My area manager Dan undid a few buttons, revealing a sweat-dappled, wobbling chest crevice with a dusting of fine gingery hair.

"I'd always been aware of Dan's breasts – you can't not be. But all of a sudden I found myself thinking, 'they're not bad… not bad at all'."

He added: "And have you ever seen James Corden in a too-tight polo shirt? He's like a slightly less attainable version of Martine McCutcheon."

Twenty-three stone coach driver Roy Hobbs admitted using his FF chest to get what he wants in the workplace.

He said: "I will turn up for appraisal meetings in a low-cut shirt if that's what it takes. And I might deliberately do a hacking cough to make them jiggle, which always draws the eye.

"I'm not a slut, I'm just an innocent, large-breasted man trying to make it in a man's world."