Modern men don’t know enough about comics, complain women

SINGLE women are frustrated that men have a poor knowledge of comics, especially Golden Age titles and the DC crossover series.

Researchers found that 83 percent of women believe detailed comic and sci-fi knowledge is the most important attribute in a potential partner.

Carolyn Ryan, a 29-year-old office manager, said: “For me it’s very much ‘comics first, clitoris second’, and I’m sure most women feel the same.

“Not only do I want a guy who collects comics, I want his comics to be properly catalogued in clear plastic bags with acid-free back boards.”

She added: “The other thing that makes me insanely horny is Warhammer. Just the phrase ‘chaotic hill dwarf army with plus four attack points and boulder thrower’ is enough to get my ankles behind my ears.

“They should make Warhammer condoms, shaped like balrogs and space marines.”

She added: “Obviously space marines are in Warhammer 40,000 as opposed to standard Warhammer, but broadly speaking they are both part of the same mythos.”

Hair-stylist Helen Archer said: “My last boyfriend was rich, sensitive and hung like a pack mule, yet completely out of his depth in Forbidden Planet.

“He claimed to have comics knowledge but at one dinner party he repeatedly listed Iron Man as his favourite DC comic. I wanted to crawl under the table.

“I mean sure, Iron Man did appear in the DC one-shot Iron Man and Submariner but believe me, he did not know that.”