Attractive woman's moronic opinions really interesting, agree men

A PRETTY woman whose opinions would normally be considered trite or stupid is actually a very deep thinker, male acquaintances agree.

Adults wearing mittens

AN increasing number of British adults are wearing mittens.

Social class based on how you feel about Wotsits

YOUR feelings about Wotsits are the strongest indicator of your true social class, it has been revealed.

Child two hours late for school 'because she can do her zip by herself'

A GIRL was late for school because she insisted she could do her coat up all on her own.

Remainers buying tickets to 'Festival of Brexit' after rumours there will be tinned food

COMMITTED remainers are being lured to the upcoming ‘Festival of Brexit’ after hearing rumours there will be something to eat.

Brexit 50p coins 'can be sharpened and thrown at the rats trying to steal your last potato'

THE new Brexit 50p coin will be a vital weapon against the vermin trying to steal your meagre scraps, it has emerged.

Terrifying local pub does karaoke from 9am

A SCARY pub does karaoke every day from nine in the morning and all the locals seem to love it, it has emerged.

Parents who ban 'screen time' unaware they are raising a twat

PARENTS who have banned their child from 'screen time' do not realise that they are raising a twat.