Men admit, once and for all, that every single one of them looks at internet pornography

MEN have united to confess that every last one of them looks at dirty stuff on their computers.

Five ways to avoid talking to parents at the school gate

DO YOU dread the school run in case you have to talk to the awful parents hanging around the school gate? Here’s how to dodge them.

Taking the absolute p*ss up 800 per cent

RESEARCH has confirmed that the number of people blatantly ripping the p*ss is eight times higher than in 2009.

The six most loathsome people you'll meet at university

UNIVERSITY is a marvellous place to make friends, learn about the world and experience new things. You will also meet the biggest twats you have ever met in your life.

Should have gone on holiday earlier, shouldn't you, says everyone with kids

PARENTS have offered no sympathy whatsoever to stranded Thomas Cook holidaymakers because they should have gone in August like everyone else. 

Weekend stay with parents shortens man's life by at least four years

A MAN'S life expectancy has been dramatically shortened after spending 48 hours with his parents.

Visitors to immaculate house asked to ‘forgive the mess’

VISITORS to a completely spotless house have been asked to ‘forgive the mess’, it has emerged.

How to be liberal by calling everyone else racist

IS everyone racist except you? Are you the only white person who truly gets it? Do they need to be told?

Can't we all just get along? Take our test

IS IT really so impossible for us all to forget our differences over Brexit and just get along?

Toddlers into making their parents look like lying w**kers

TODDLERS have confirmed that refusing to do the clever thing they have been doing all week so their parents look like liars is their favourite game.

Woman talking to baby really talking to baby's mum

A WOMAN is addressing a baby with questions that can only be answered by the baby’s mother.

No pressure but Freshers' Week must be best week of your life, students told

FIRST-YEAR students have been told to settle in, take things easily and to have the best week of their whole lives or there is something wrong with them.