Couple solve all their problems by having a baby

A COUPLE have permanently solved all of their relationship issues by having a baby, it has emerged.

Five ways to say 'I told you so' while being a passive-aggressive dick about it

NOBODY likes to hear ‘I told you so’, but everyone loves finding a way to say it.  

Frantic dad runs out into traffic to warn people about the M5

A DESPERATE middle-aged man is stopping traffic and banging on bonnets to warn innocent motorists about the traffic that awaits them on the M5.

Dreadful family having loud conversations about bodily functions in public

A MIDDLE-CLASS couple spent a day out loudly asking their children whether they needed a wee or a poo in front of other people.

The middle class person's guide to working class people

ARE you middle class and unsure how to interact with working class people? Don’t worry, here is a guide to their strange - and often frightening - ways.

What do the new GCSE grades really mean?

GCSE grades used to be letters but are now numbers, because politicians like to fuck around and change stuff to feel important. But what do the new grades actually mean?

'Property developers' actually just bastards

A COUPLE who describe themselves 'property developers' are actually just soulless bastards obsessed with money.

How aggressive are the notes you leave on car windscreens?

YOU wouldn’t be British if you didn’t scrawl furious notes and leave them under others’ windscreen wipers, but are they aggressive enough?