'Yeah I think so' apparently incorrect response to 'Do you love me?'

A RELAXED attitude to whether you love people is unacceptable, boyfriends have discovered.

Northerner attempts to pay on London bus with correct change

A NORTHERNER visiting London has caused chaos after attempting to pay a bus driver with exact change.

Vicar unable to explain plot holes in Bible

CHILDREN at a Sunday school are asking their vicar more and more difficult questions about the Bible, none of which he seems able to answer.

Apostrophe added to endangered species list

THE apostrophe has been added to the list of endangered species in the UK.

Man who last had a fight in 1978 still reckons he could handle himself

A MAN whose last fight was at primary school against a smaller boy believes he still has what it takes if shit went down.

Gay rights have gone to kind of a weird place, campaigner admits

A LIFELONG campaigner for gay rights has admitted he never expected the battle to become quite so cake-focused.

Rest of UK puzzled by tunnel linking Kent and Essex as they are identical

MOST of Britain is struggling to understand why a £6.8bn tunnel is being built to link Kent and Essex as the two are essentially identical. 

Weird bastards celebrating first mortgage

A YOUNG couple are celebrating taking out a terrifyingly huge loan that they will be paying off for the rest of their lives.