Couple who spunked £25k on wedding want some help with a house deposit

A NEWLYWED couple who spent £25,000 on their wedding want someone to give them money for a house.

Women paid 1990s wages 'to make them feel younger'

WOMEN’S pay is lagging decades behind men’s to remind them of when they were younger, bosses have claimed.

Guardian family's kid gets discussion about anti-semitism for birthday

A COUPLE who read the Guardian have given their son a talk about anti-semitism for his birthday rather than a Playstation.

Woman thinks it might just be easier to marry her cousin like in the old days

A WOMAN who has spent the last three years dating would rather just marry one of her relatives and be done with it, she has confirmed.

91 per cent of fringes regretted immediately

OVER 90 per cent of all fringes are instantly regretted, it has emerged.

Couple who haven't had sex for ages watch love scene in silence

A COUPLE whose love life has waned dramatically have watched a televised sex scene in silence.

Postman pretty sure it's a vibrator

A POSTMAN in Gloucester strongly suspects he is delivering a sex toy.

Family discovers camper van really just a prison cell on wheels

A COUPLE who spent the weekend in a camper van with their children have realised it is basically a punishment cell on wheels.