The secret prison diary of Tommy Robinson, aged 35¾

TOMMY Robinson, EDL founder, 'political activist' and general nuisance about Muslims, has just been released on bail. Read these exclusive excerpts from his prison diary.

Couple sure everyone enjoyed that 25-minute baby story

A COUPLE are convinced their long and detailed baby story was both interesting and entertaining.

Nice man hates other nice men

A SELF-PROCLAIMED 'nice guy’ absolutely hates other nice men.

Guardian-reading Labour couple checking they're not Nazis

A MIDDLE-CLASS couple who are Labour party members are investigating whether they are vile anti-semites.

Not drinking bleach is 'Project Fear', says Brexiter

WARNINGS about anything are just scaremongering by cowardly Remainers, a Brexiter believes.

Dad chooses saying 'series' instead of 'season' as his hill to die on

A DAD has chosen saying 'series' instead of 'season' as his hill to die on, it has emerged.

Woman who received dick pic still laughing

A WOMAN who received a picture of a man's knob is still laughing about how pathetic it was, she has confirmed.

Woman fighting poverty and injustice by clicking angry face emoji

A WOMAN who clicks on the angry face emoji on Facebook after reading about terrible events feels she is doing everything she can to help.