Woman doesn't need to be drunk to send text messages she regrets

A WOMAN who is always impulsively sending embarrassing text messages lacks the excuse of being pissed, it has emerged.

Man forced to stay loyal to increasingly shit Netflix show

A MAN cannot admit a TV show he was really into is actually quite shit without looking foolish, he has admitted.

Camping only a holiday if your house is worse than a tent

CAMPING is only a holiday if your normal house is worse than a tent, it has been confirmed.

Couple trying for an extension

A COUPLE who have been together for five years have announced plans to try for a home extension.

Women much stealthier masturbators than men

WOMEN are much better at secretly masturbating than men, it has been claimed.

Man who claims to 'wear the trousers' in relationship can't wash trousers

A MAN who claims that he is the one ‘wearing the trousers’ in his relationship is unable to wash his trousers without his wife’s help.

Man proves how manly he is by making car go faster than other man

A MAN has proved he is extremely masculine and virile by driving slightly faster than another man, he feels.  

Teacher given whole box of Maltesers for putting up with absolute little shit for a year

A TEACHER who kept her temper with an outstandingly horrible adolescent girl for a full year has been rewarded with a £3 box of Maltesers.