Peaky Blinders now most popular name for baby boys

PEAKY Blinders is now the most popular name for baby boys, with Killing Eve the most popular for girls.

Your guide to living in fascist Britain

HAVE you ever wondered what it would be like if Britain was an undemocratic, fascist state?

Five fun lies to terrify children about to go to secondary school

DO you want to scare the sh*t out of kids about to move from cuddly primary school to the cut throat corridors of secondary? Tell them these classic lies.

Student home from university moaning about lack of Ubers in tiny village

A STUDENT home for the summer cannot believe there is not an Uber available in the tiny village where his parents live.

Man thinks 'You look better without makeup' is a compliment

A MAN is under the impression that telling women they look better without makeup is a fantastic compliment.

Man who thinks he hasn't got Northern accent totally does

A NORTHERNER who fondly imagines he does not have a noticeable accent could not be more wrong.

How to be the total psycho in your flatshare

ARE you a complete nutcase living in shared accommodation who likes to save the surprise of your mental state until new tenants have moved in? Here’s how.

How to be a miserable d*ck about other people's GCSE results

DID you pass your GCSEs decades ago, but love to whine and shit on teenagers’ success anyway? Try these buzzkillers.

Child who calls parents by their first names freaking everyone out

A CHILD with trendy parents who uses their first names instead of 'mum' and 'dad' is having a chilling effect on people.

Woman’s handbag basically a dustbin with leather handles

A WOMAN’S designer leather handbag has gradually evolved into a crap-filled portable dustbin.

Whistleblower reveals Britain’s universities 'full of dweebs'

AN anonymous whistleblower has revealed that Britain's universities are hotbeds of dweebish behaviour.

Woman becomes self help guru simply by putting every 10th word in all-caps

A WOMAN has become a self help guru after accidentally putting every 10th word she writes in capital letters.