Paying for things while on the phone: crimes that deserve a 10-year jail sentence

MATT Hancock has been criticised over harsh jail terms for people breaking travel rules. And rightly so - there are plenty of other non-crimes which also deserve a 10-stretch.

Six claims about life before the 1990s young people won't believe

DO you want to shock younger people with tales of life in the pre-internet olden days? Here are some things to freak them out with.

Why we had to back Brexit: a Leave voter remembers the nightmare dystopia of 2016

FOOD shortages, a 68 per cent fall in exports, and the collapse of businesses across Britain. But however bad Brexit may seem, the alternative was worse.

Wetherspoons stayed open through the Blitz, and other boomer myths

OVER 55? Managed to convince yourself that you were part of the Greatest Generation ever to battle through adversity to succeed?

Industry expert claims his industry is hardest hit

AN industry expert has appeared on television asserting that of all British industries, his has been the hardest hit of all.

Facebook group

Bin collections, and other things your local Facebook group is weirdly obsessed with

IS your Facebook group frighteningly vigilant about which day the recycling is collected? Then these topics might seem familiar.

Sad man with party hat

Congratulations! You've completed January

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed the hardest January any of us are ever likely to experience.

'Living in your head rent-free' and other unbearable modern phrases

EVEN in lockdown it’s impossible to avoid the latest bullshit phrases. If only scientists could eradicate these...

Middle class man revising for conversation with car mechanic

A MIDDLE  class man is readying himself to chat with a car mechanic by studying football fixtures and practising casual swearing in the mirror.

Let’s write off this generation of kids and focus on the next lot, says Williamson

THE education secretary has confirmed that we are failing a generation of children, so we may as well forget them and put our efforts into the next set.

'Epic fail' and five other phrases that are past their sell-by date

KEEPING up with the linguistic pace online is a minefield. If you want to look like you're up to date with the latest tedious phrases, make sure you avoid these.

Actual working class family insulted to be called working class

A WORKING class family have said they are not keen on the term, unlike middle class people who like to call themselves that.