Lego launches 'Incredibly Depressing No-Deal Brexit Town Centre'

CHILDREN can construct their own boarded-up UK towns using a new range of themed Lego.

The dad's guide to being a cold weather action hero

IF you’re a dad with two kids and a semi there aren’t many chances to pretend you're an action hero - but the cold weather changes all that! Here’s what to do.

Your guide to the blissfully simple world of Brexiters

HAVE you ever wondered how Brexiters manage to have such a simplistic view of everything? Here Leave voter Norman Steele explains how the world works.

Mum's stash of expired medicine to set her up as post-Brexit drug kingpin

A MOTHER'S cupboard of expired medicine will enable her to act as a post-Brexit drug kingpin.

Woman old enough to be 'invisible' to men actually quite pleased about it

A WOMAN IN her late 40s who now rarely gets whistled at on the street by strange men is feeling a pleasant sense of relief, she has confirmed.

Look how many f**king books I've read, says everyone on GoodReads

EVERY single GoodReads user would like you to look at how many fancy fucking books they have read.

Woman going away for two days packs 158 pairs of knickers

A WOMAN taking a shed load of clean underwear for ashort break in the Cotswolds is not sure why, she has admitted.

60-year-old who bangs on about 'plain old common sense' fooled by obvious Facebook scam again

A BABY boomer who thinks he is a member of the greatest generation has been tricked by a poorly-executed Facebook scam for the second time.

'Has your cat died?' most incomprehensible insult of all time

THE traditional Northern schoolyard insult ‘Has your cat died?’ has been named the most incomprehensible in human history.

38-year-old man has just learned it's 'could have' not 'could of'

A 38-YEAR-OLD man has only just learned that the correct phrasing is ‘could have’ rather than ‘could of’.

Child sent home from Steiner school for having normal haircut

A PUPIL has been sent home from a Steiner school after turning up with a relatively normal haircut.

Do you want everything to go back to the 1950s, or why the f**k not?

POSH accents on the television, policemen greeting you by name and a cheery tip of the helmet, lovely days out in the Morris Traveller. But do you want Britain to return to its 1950s glory days, or are you some kind of bastard?